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Hand Wash / Interior Vac & Wipe

This service is designed to be performed on a weekly basis to maintain your vehicle's appearance.  A scratch-free hand wash cleans the body of dirt and grime.  Wheels and glass are cleaned as well during this process and water-based tire dressing installed.

An interior Vac & Wipe is also recommended weekly to remove dirt from interior surfaces before they have a chance to become embedded.  Our interior surface cleaner has light UV inhibitors in it and doesn't leave behind any greasy or oily finish. 

Express Detail

An Express Detail is designed to be performed twice a year on well-maintained vehicles to refresh their exterior protection and create that "Just detailed!" look.  It includes:

  • exterior decontamination wash

  • clay bar of exterior surfaces

  • express wax applied to paint

  • wheels detailed inside and out

  • detail wheel wells and brake calipers

  • interior thorough vacuum and wipe down

  • light spot treatment

  • clean glass

Full Detail

This is a great option if you're looking for a standard "full detail".  This is recommended on cars that are new to you or something that you're looking to sell and want to get the maximum amount of money out of.  This will make a dramatic difference both on the interior and exterior appearance of your vehicle.  Our interior steam cleaning will also ensure your vehicle feels and smells fresh and bacteria-free.

  • Exterior decontamination wash

  • clay bar exterior paint

  • rehydrate exterior rubber and trim

  • express wax on paint

  • detail wheels inside and out

  • detail wheel-wells and brake calipers

  • interior full steam cleaning of carpets, floor mats, seats and plastic surfaces

  • condition leather

  • clean glass

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Create your own package:

Interior Vac & Wipe
  • Designed to be a weekly service.  A quick maintenance vacuum of carpet areas and wipe down of all interior surfaces and glass

Interior Express
  • Designed to refresh and already detailed interior, this service includes a thorough vacuum and wipe down of all interior surfaces.  Carpets and floor mats are lightly scrubbed and spot treated.  Cup holders and air vents detailed.

Interior Full Detail
  • Designed to refresh and give that new car feeling, this service is a very thorough steam cleaning of all interior surfaces to clean and disinfect.  Carpets and floor mats are machine scrubbed and steam cleaned as well.  Leather seats are conditioned.  Storage areas and door pockets all detailed.  Crevices blown free of dust and debris.   A great service for a vehicle that is new-to-you or one you are preparing to sell.  

Exterior 1-Stage
  • This service is designed to refresh paint that is already in very good condition.  This is a light polish to help eliminate very light marring and swirl marks.  Gloss will be increased but deeper marring and scratching will remain.​

Exterior 2-Stage
  • This is a great choice for many daily-driven vehicles.  A deep compounding stage will help eliminate most marring and swirl marks, while a following polishing stage will dramatically increase paint's visual depth and gloss.  

Exterior 3-Stage
  • This is an in depth service designed to restore a paint's finish to the absolute best it can be.  Three different compounding and polishing steps will eliminate every possible scratch and swirl mark in the clear coat.  This service usually takes 1-3 days.  

Paint Protection: Ceramic Coating


Add the best possible protection to your paint work with the installation of a Pro-grade Ceramic Coating.  This is a relatively new technology that bonds to your paint to add a sacrificial level of protection against environmental elements such as UV damage, bird droppings, acid rain, etc.  They also keep your vehicle cleaner long and make it easier to wash.  Learn more about coating options by clicking the link below to see pictures/videos on how it works!

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Available Add-on's:

Headlight Restoration

Yellow or foggy headlights?  They aren't just unsightly, they're dangerous! There are a lot of people who will offer to "buff" them.  We're the only stop in Southern Utah that will repair your foggy headlamps and provide a complimentary life-time warranty against them ever re-yellowing!  That's correct! We apply a coating to your lens (also see "Paint Coatings" above) that will help ensure you get more light on the road and the front of your vehicle looks great for the rest of your ownership! 

Odor Removal Treatment

Our 2-part odor removal system coats all your interior surfaces in an enzyme killing odor eliminator which is followed up by a protective coating to help odors not return!  It also goes through your A/C system to make sure no harmful odors are living in your air ducts. 

Engine Detail

Our full engine detail will make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your engine bay and help maintain proper running temperature.  We always recommend an engine detail with any vehicle that you're preparing for sale as well.

Paint Touch Up

Paint touch up improves the visual look of chips and scratches while sealing the chip to keep it from spreading.  This is a great add-on to your full detail!

Wheel Repair



You no longer have to worry about unightly curb rash and scratches on your wheels.  We can repair cosmetic damage in our shop and also partner with other companies to repair bends or structural damage!  Bring your wheels into Renu for repair today!

Brake Caliper Restoration/Color Change

Make your tired, dull, chipped brake calipers look new again!  Or make your vehicle stand out from the rest by completely changing the color of your brake calipers!  Many different finishes and options available!  Inquire today!

Gift Certificate

Give the gift of clean! Our custom gift certificates are sold in-store or over the phone and come with a personalized gift card flyer, envelope, and Renu Auto refillable credit card that you can give to that person that's always hardest to shop for!  Call or visit to check one more thing off the list today!



Completely change the color of your vehicle, eliminate chrome, or black-out the roof of your car with a vinyl wrap!  Our affliate company Underwraps Nation provides vinyl wrap solutions on your vehicle.  Visit their website to see what they can do for you.

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