How to turn a "good" looking truck into a "GREAT" looking truck

Even late model, well-maintained vehicles have tons of room for improvement! We recently took in this Chevy HighCountry pick up and applied many of our services to ensure it looked its best upon delivery.

We started by applying undercoating to all the exposed factory frame rails and suspension components. This gives the parts a nice, factory matte finish that erases years of aging from the truck!

The next order of operation was to clean up the wheels. We removed adhesive from the inner hubs and applied a wheel specific paint coating to both the inner hubs, and the faces.

Even the areas under the rocker panels required deep cleaning.

After the rocker panels were cleaned we went around the entire truck and trimmed back any exposed clear bra edges that were holding dirt.

There were also some deep scratches on the rear bumper that needed to be cleaned up as good as possible. Areas that were too deep to completely repair received touch up paint to seal the scratch.

A dramatic difference was made by applying dye to all the exposed black plastics. The UV in Southern Utah is so intense that these parts will oxidize and fade especially quickly. We did the truck bed cover and side steps as well!

The truck also received a Paint Correction to eliminate swirls and micro-marring in the paint.

The truck then received a coating of Opti-Coat Pro + to add protection, make it stay cleaner longer, and easier to wash.

These changes took a truck that was in already good shape, and really made it look and feel new again! Contact us today or come in for a consultation on how we can give you that new car feeling!